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unfortunately love is a drug, and to much of it can kill you.

yes you will savor its prime, but only for a short moment.

for once the love is lost, you could overdose on loneness.  

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she crosses my mind ever so often,

i doubt i cross hers just as much.

i wonder if she reminisce of our memories,

or if she erased them all from her mind.

I miss her.

does she me ?

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your far away yet you stay close to my mind, i doubt i cross yours just as much.

I hope my assumption is wrong, but why should it.

all odds are in favor of your beauty, i know you realize it.

your attraction is tempting every second of my soul.

you seem to be more interesting and indescribable the more i think of you.

im attracted to every touch and smell of your ever so lasting beauty.

you question if i wrote about you.

im sure you know.

if not you will forever question who it was ?

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my point of view, of you.


Every time you cross my mind, i feel regret.

Regret that i never had the courage to explain.

Explain you in every aspect i imagined.

For in my sight you where always at your best.

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